Land Clearing & Excavation

At Meritus Grading & Excavation, we have the experience, tools and most importantly the drive, to get the job done to your precise specifications. We offer tree mulching, stump grinding, brush removal and other land clearing services. For land excavation jobs, look to us for everything from foundation and basement work to utilities excavation, ditch-digging and draining preparation.

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Land Grading

Our attention to detail ensures the job is done right every time. Whatever your grading need, whether it’s elevated, perfectly flat or even sloped for drainage purposes, Meritus has you covered. Our services encompass light grading, finish grading, backfilling, along with removal of dirt, brush, trees, footballs, etc.

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Commercial Dump Truck Hauling

Meritus Grading & Excavation trucks are tri-axle and can handle up to 16 cubic yards or 22 tons per load. We specialize in excavated material but can dispose of brush and trees. We also haul gravel and other aggregates to and from your job.

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Meritus Grading & Excavation is USDOT approved and licensed to work in the following areas:

Greenville, SC
Lake Keowee and Lake Hartwell
Hartwell, GA

Meritus Grading